Altijd perfecte maat - Levering binnen 5 dagen - Gratis standaard verzending

Altijd perfecte maat - Levering binnen 5 dagen - Gratis standaard verzending

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you will find extensive information about our products, orders, shipping, payments and more. Do you have a question that is not answered here? Please feel free to contact our customer service.

Of course, I will further expand and enrich the content for each section.

1. Product Information and Prices
- **Product range:** Our range includes a range of bedding products that are unique in their versatility and quality. This includes Mattress Protectors, Fitted Sheets and Duvets, designed to meet the needs of both commercial and domestic customers.
- **Features Mattress Protectors:** These protectors are made of high-quality 100% cotton, which guarantees excellent durability and comfort. They are washable at 60 degrees for hygienic cleaning and have an elastic edge for a tight, wrinkle-free fit on mattresses of different thicknesses.
- **Features Fitted Sheets:** Our fitted sheets are available in pure cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, both options offering superior comfort and ease of use. They are designed for easy maintenance, washable at 60 degrees, and offer a universal fit thanks to the elastic edge.
- **Duvet Features:** The duvets are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for users with allergies. They are available in different warmth classes and made of microfiber or down, depending on your preference for warmth and weight.
- **Display Dimensions:** Measuring approximately 175cm high, 40cm deep and 60cm wide, our displays are perfectly designed to fit a variety of retail environments whilst providing an attractive presentation of our products.
- **Capacity Displays:** These displays are designed to combine efficient use of space with good visibility of products, with space for 10 to 20 items depending on the product type.
- **Purchase prices Re-sellers:** We offer attractive purchasing prices for our business customers, accessible via our special re-seller portal or on request from our sales department.
- **Consumer Pricing:** Our consumer pricing is transparent and competitive, available for viewing in our Retail Catalog or on our website.
- **Brochures:** We offer extensive brochures in multiple languages, which provide a complete overview of all our products, their specifications and uses.
- **Discount promotions Re-sellers:** We understand the importance of flexibility in pricing for our re-sellers and therefore offer room for limited discount promotions within the framework of our CAP prices.
- **Volume Discount Re-sellers:** Our pricing structure is designed to support volume discounts, allowing re-sellers to benefit from lower prices on larger orders, contributing to their profit margin and competitiveness.

2. Order, Shipping and Returns
- **Ordering Consumers:** We offer a user-friendly online ordering process, but customers can also order in store. Our website guides customers step by step through the selection and purchasing process.
- **Ordering Re-sellers:** Our re-sellers benefit from a streamlined, digital ordering process via our specially developed online portal, which makes ordering fast and efficient.
- **Shipping Options and Delivery Times Consumers:** We have partnered with DHL to offer a range of shipping options from standard to express delivery. Delivery times vary, but we always strive for fast and efficient delivery.
- **Shipping Options and Delivery Times Re-sellers:** For our business customers, we offer both standard shipping options via DHL and specific logistics solutions to meet their unique needs.
- **Cancel or Change Consumer Order:** We offer flexibility in canceling or changing orders. Customers can contact our customer service for assistance and information about the terms and conditions.
- **Returns Policy:** Our returns policy is designed to be simple and customer-friendly, with clear guidelines and support for the returns process.

3. Payment and Invoicing
- **Consumer Payment Conditions:** Consumers can pay safely and easily during the online purchasing process or in the store. We accept various payment methods for maximum flexibility.
- **Payment terms Re-seller:** For our re-sellers we use a payment term of 30 days for new customers, with flexible options for established partners.
- **Consumer Invoicing:** Consumers receive a clear, detailed invoice from our Dutch Sales Unit, with all necessary information for administration and record keeping.
- **Re-seller invoicing:** Re-sellers also receive their invoices for business transactions from our Dutch Sales Unit, with support for any questions or specific requirements.

4. Customer Service and Support
- **Consumer Communication Tools:** Our customer service is available via multiple channels, including email, telephone, and live chat, to ensure fast and effective support.
- **Communication tools Re-seller:** Re-sellers can count on specialized support through their assigned account managers, reachable by e-mail or telephone.
- **Communication Sales unit:** Depending on the specific question or need, our customers will be connected to the most suitable sales